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Advisor Information

Technical Standards
To access the Technical Standards, navigate to SkillsUSA Absorb, log in using your professional membership credentials, click on the green box that says, "Professional Member Benefits", and then on the "2023-2024 Professional Members Benefits Package". This gives you access to the Technical Standards, which are broken into the Introduction Materials; Leadership Development Career Competitions; Occupationally Related Career Competitions; and the Skilled and Technical Sciences Career Competitions. Technical Standards are posted in this portal each year by October 15.

Advisor Checklist

Annual CTSO Compliance Form - Due Nov. 1

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Your chapter documents (Constitution and Bylaws; Program of Work; and Statement of Assurance) must be submitted to SkillsUSA Arizona at the beginning of the school year, before November 1st.


The Statement of Assurance verifies that each attending student has completed the Conference Liability & Release Form. Keep your students' Conference Liability & Release Forms on-hand at each conference. Do NOT send copies to the SkillsUSA national headquarters or SkillsUSA Arizona state office.

Example Constitution/Bylaws

Membership Registration

To register members, utilize the following website: For assistance, download the Membership Registration Instructions.

Need further help? Contact the national Customer Care Team at: 1-844-875-4557 or

Skillsusa Quizzes
Advisors are encouraged to use the following quizzes with their students to help educate about SkillsUSA!
SkillsUSA Framework Quiz
Workplace Skill Quiz
Arizona Technical Skills Quiz
Arizona Personal Skills Quiz
2020 SkillsUSA Knowledge Quiz

Payment Policy

In an effort to be accountable to our members, Board of Directors, and accounting policies, SkillsUSA Arizona has published our policy for past due invoices.

30-60-90 Day Past Due Invoice Policy

(For a list of past due invoices, email

30 Days: an email is sent to the teacher with an invoice attached reminding them of the balance due

60 Days: a letter with a statement and invoice is sent to the teacher, principal, CTE director, and accounting office

90 Days: a letter with a statement and invoice is sent to the teacher, principal, CTE director, superintendent, and accounting office.

If an invoice reaches 90 days past due, the SkillsUSA chapter will become ineligible to participate in SkillsUSA events until the invoice is paid. Additionally, pre‐payment may be required for all future events in the same school year.

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