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Becoming An Officer

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There are opportunities for all levels of student leadership in SkillsUSA Arizona. Find out which one is right for you! Speak with your advisor about becoming an Officer!

Important Note: Regional Officer information for 2021-2022 has been postponed, check back for updates!

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Chapter Officers represent your CTE program. Responsibilities include scheduling and conducting business meetings, planning and implementing the annual Program of Work, and encouraging your peers to get involved. Knowledge of the SkillsUSA Framework is a plus.

Regional LEVEL

Regional officers (excluding Regional Presidents, who are part of the State Officer team) are elected in August/September and attend a one-day training led by State Officers and Regional Coordinators. The Regional Officer team work specifically with Regional Coordinators and the state office to host Regional Conference, typically scheduled in February. Regional Officers are expected to attend meetings with the Regional Presidents and members from their region. Regional Officers will also assist the state office at Fall Leadership Conference. Click the link on the right for the application!


State Officers and the Regional Presidents are elected at the annual spring SkillsUSA Arizona Leadership and Skills Conference. State Officers go through intense leadership training. They represent the 14,000 members of our association at events such as Washington Leadership Training Institute (WLTI), Fall Leadership Conference, Leadership Training Camp, SkillsUSA on Ice, SkillsUSA Arizona Championships, and the National Leadership and Skill Conference in Atlanta, GA. Click the link on the right for the application!

National LEVEL

National Officers are elected at the National Leadership Conference in June. See information on the national website

AZSkillsUSA is proud to have elected several national officers over the years; national officers serve under a national coach and have specific duties and training related to their team. National Officer candidates must be approved by the state director and interview with the Arizona Board of Directors before applying, and should have served as a regional or state officer, and must complete the Career Essentials coursework.

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