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Board Members

Advisor and Member Representatives:
Alumni: Vacant
College/Postsecondary: Vacant
CTE Administrator: Amanda Shively (Board Treasurer)
Middle School: Mike Jackson
Region 1: Vacant
Region 2: Pete Boyle
Region 3: Vacant
Region 4: Travis Black (Board Chair)
Region 5: Vacant
Region 6: Mike Srsen (Board Secretary)
Region 7
: Vacant
Region 8: Dora Speirs


Business and Industry Representatives:

  • Niki Reppy

  • Jonathan Yamasaki

*Six business and industry representative positions remain vacant.

If interested in serving, please complete the Interest Form.

Ex-Officio Members:

State President: Alexis Acosta

State Director (Non-Voting): Daniel Kelly

ADE CTSO State Director (Non-Voting): Julie Ellis

ADE Program Specialist: Joe Grieco

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