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Our Has-Been Officers (HBOs)

2021-2022 State Officer Group Picture.jpeg

2021-2022 State Officers

Left To Right: Rozetta Locksa, Liliana Valencia, Noe Garcia, Ethan Avery

Top Row (left to right): Laurel Beauchamp, Vanessa Frias, Stephen Starkey, Valeria Gamez, Cole Lowrey

Bottom Row (left to right): Mariana Flores, David Dillie, Noe Garcia, Matthew Galindo, Andi Soliz

state officers group shot.jpg

Top Row (left to right): Yanelly Munoz, Jocelyn Ortega, Jasmine Perez, Luisa Lopez Aguirre, Melissa Moreno

Middle Row (left to right): Alexis De La Torre, Miguel Nunez, Johnathan Henry

Bottom row (left to right): Andrea Soliz, Jacqueline Sanchez

2018-2019 State Officers

SO Team 2018-2019.jpg

2017-2018 State Officers

SO Team 2017-2018.jpg

2016-2017 State Officers

SO Team 2016-2017.jpg
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