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Program of Work

Importance of POW

SkillsUSA Arizona encourages all chapters to follow the SkillsUSA Program of Work when creating one at the chapter level! Doing so helps students become career ready by making sure members get the opportunity to practice and perform the Essential Elements of the SkillsUSA Framework and receive feedback to strengthen their skills!

POW Categories

Advocacy and Marketing

  • Promote SkillsUSA chapter programs and career and technical education programs, public relations initiatives and experiences to build social responsibility.

Community Engagement

  • Assess community needs, identify services and employ skills to meet needs that develop long-lasting partnerships.

Financial Management

  • Develop personal financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills through relevant work experience, project management and chapter fundraising.

Leadership Development

  • Establish interpersonal relationships, individual and team development through chapter operations, leadership competitions and individualized growth plans.

Partner & Alumni Engagement

  • Engage former members, parents, advisory committees, administrators, faculty and business and industry partners in SkillsUSA chapter and classroom activities.

Workplace Experiences

  • Participation in career exploration, planning and work-based learning opportunities including the SkillsUSA Championships.

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